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JSARToolKit performance

JS ARToolKit performance

Have you ever wondered how to measure the performance of ARToolKit for JavaScript (JSARToolKit) inside the web-browser? I’ve done it, and the following article will outline how I did it.   ARToolKit for JavaScript JSARToolKit …
Development on the PI

Development on the PI

If you want to do broader augmented reality with not only a mobile phone and its camera you might want to look into using a Raspberry PI. Developing and compiling on the PI can be …
Feature image ARMarkerEvent

Marker detection in Unity3D

Hi everyone, I often get the question: “How to tell if the marker is detected in Unity3D?” The easiest thing to find that out is to listen for the OnMarkerFound(ARMarker)  and OnMarkerTracked(ARMarker)  events. ARToolKit5 is …