Evaluation of continuous delivery cloud systems

For artoolkitX there is a need to have continuous build and delivery working across many platforms. To find which platform fits the needs best I’ve done an evaluation of available cloud-based solutions.


CD system evaluation

Comparison of continuous delivery systems 


Bottom line

Some additional thought that I noted while doing the evaluation:

  • Using Travis CI
    • Pro: They maintain the build server infrastructure for us
    • Con:
      • Learning of there scripting syntax
      • Documentation could be better
  • Run our own Jenkins
    • Pro:
      • Highly customizable
    • Con:
      • Need Jenkins on Linux and OSX and potentially Windows
      • Maintenance effort for keeping Jenkins servers up to date
      • Need a cloud hosting provider
  • Bitrise
    • Pro:
      • Highly flexible
      • OpenSource
      • Free to start
    • Con:
      • No Windows support

Here is also another evaluation which I found during my research. http://www.yegor256.com/2014/10/05/ten-hosted-continuous-integration-services.html

There are some options available to create a continuous delivery system. While some are more flexible than others it is up to you to decide what your requirements are and how much you would like to invest. Also, keep in mind that Jenkins is a great tool to set up a continuous delivery system but it might get very time consuming to keep it up to date and maintain the servers it runs on.

Please let me know if I have overlooked a special provider or if you have a different view of things.