Integrate ARToolKit6-Android-SDK to an Android Studio project

Update 1:

As it looks the download of the ARToolKit6 SDKs has been taken down. We need to wait for some announcement on what is happening with the project.



I have been asked, how do I add ARToolKit6-Android-SDK into an existing Android Studio project or how do I create a new Android Studio project from scratch and integrate ARToolKit6-Android-SDK. What I would like to show you in this article is how to do exactly that. We are not going to extend the existing ARToolKit6 for Android example (ARTrackingExample) but create a new project with Android Studio and add ARToolKit6 to that Android project. And we are going to do that on Windows.

Requirements for ARToolKit6-Android-SDK and Android Studio

Integrating ARToolKit6 Android SDK

Actually, it is very easy to get ARToolKit6-Android-SDK integrated into an existing Android Studio project.

  1. Open your project
  2. Right click your app > Open Module Settings
  3. In the top left select the +
  4. Select Import .JAR/.AAR Package > Next
  5. As File name on the right select   and then navigate to the .aar file in the unzipped ARToolKit6-Android-SDK
    1. Should be << ARToolKit6-Android-SDK >>/SDK/lib/AR6J/AR6J-release.aar
  6. Close the Open Module Settings dialogue with OK
  7. Open it again Right click your app > Open Module Settings
    1. There seems to be an issue with Android Studio reloading imported modules. That is why you need to close and open it again.
  8. Select your app on the left and navigate to Dependencies tab
  9. On the bottom left select the + > Module Dependencies and select AR6J-release

Integrate ARToolKIt6-Android-SDK

Now you can use ARToolKit6-Android-SDK inside your Android Studio project.

Look at the ARTrackingExample to see how the camera surface rendering is done in principle.

Or check out my Git repository here:

The API documentation for AR6J can be found here:


The tutorial video

Also, I’ve recorded a step by step video which is available on YouTube:

Let me know if that works for you and post any questions as comments below.


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